15 September 2012

Art Central Gallery, Barry

Private viewing on Saturday 15 Sept.
Exhibition opens to the public on 18th.

10 September 2012

CDG exhibition at Barry

Not long to go until the exhibition opening of work by Cardiff Drawing Group members.

Open to the public from 18 September until 13 October 2012 at the Art Central gallery in Barry.

9 September 2012

Richard O'Connell exhibition

From 8th September to 3rd October 2012 the Washington Gallery in Penarth is showing work by CDG member Richard O'Connell.

The exhibition entitled "From Penarth Seafront" is a collection of recent paintings and drawings.

8 September 2012

CDG member Chris Glynn

“We Meet We Draw We Drink We Go”

Chris Glynn - sketchbook
Chris Glynn - sketchbook

7 September 2012

The Big Draw, October 2012

The Campaign for Drawing has one aim: to get everyone drawing!

Each October the Big Draw festival involves over a thousand organisations across the UK and twenty other countries. Events are run for families, children and adults, creating opportunities for drawing with a great variety of media and exploring many subjects. Partners include national and regional museums and galleries, schools, shopping and community centres, libraries, art clubs and village halls.

6 September 2012

Exhibition at Art Central, Barry

An exhibition of work by members of the Cardiff Drawing Group will be staged at the Art Central gallery in Barry.

Opening to the public on 18 September, the show will continue until 13 October 2012.

5 September 2012

CDG member Dale E Evans

Tango Dancers
Tango Dancers – Rapid ink sketches at CDG event, Gate Centre, Roath

In the past, I used drawing mainly for personal records; places, events; observational records or for preliminary/planning sketches to be worked up as final work. Exploring ‘drawing’ as an end in itself is a relatively new approach for me and, exploring the boundaries of what a drawing might be  is becoming increasingly important in my work.  The Drawing Group provides an important focus in this process.