23 December 2015


Season's greetings to all.

Our first drawing session of the New Year will be on Saturday 16 January 2016 at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. We meet at 10am in the main foyer, draw, then a chat in the downstairs cafe.

Red biro

portrait drawing in red biro by Jan

Drawing at the Museum

2 December 2015

Richard's finished drawing

large drawing on block framed canvas 120cm x 100cm
using charcoal, lead, graphite and very sharp razor blades!

26 October 2015

Saturday 5 December

Saturday 5 December 2015 from 10am.
Probably our last meeting of 2015 at probably the best museum in Wales.
We'll be sketching, then coffee and a chat in the downstairs cafe.

27 September 2015

Saturday 24 October 2015

Saturday 24 October from 10am.     

We're meeting at 10am in the entrance hall of the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, our favourite place to get-together, draw, have coffee and chat. Lots of amazing art and natural history exhibits. FREE entrance.

15 September 2015

Saturday 26 September 2015

Two FREE "Open Doors" venues for us to visit and draw.

Meet at 11am. outside the Greek Orthodox Church on Bute Street (guided tour at 11:30). Beautifully decorated Byzantine style with gilded icon panels.
Info here
Photos here
Afterwards, wander on down towards Cardiff Bay and look inside the Exchange Building on Mount Stuart Square. Victorian coal trading floor, wood panelled music hall.
Info here
Photos here

31 August 2015

Free Dance Friday

Friday 4 September starting at 5pm.
Wales Dance House (at the back of the Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay).
It's free to attend rehearsals for this new production, on Friday 4 September when we can watch and draw.
National Dance Company Wales

Read about it HERE - Book free tickets HERE

19 August 2015

Saturday 29 August from 2pm. till 4pm.

Thompson's Park, off Romilly Road, Canton, Cardiff.
Spend an afternoon in this beautiful, little-known city park with its water fountains, statue, lake, pavilion and lush greenery. Lower area with ornamental plantings and upper area with surprising open views.

Meet at 2pm. inside the entrance gates on Romilly Road.
Coffees and a chat afterwards.
Thompson's Park information.

photo from bbc.co.uk

10 August 2015

Friday 14 August from 5:30pm

Draw this giant spider-web construction in Bute Park, Cardiff.
TAPE is free to visit, outside and inside! 
click here for information
Meet by the web around 5:30pm, drawing the parkland, riverside, giant trees and the web itself, then off for coffees and a chat nearby.

.. at St Augustine's

20 July 2015

Hello Sailor?

Tuesday 4 August 2015 from 10am.

Our next get-together will be at Roath Park Lake where we can hire a rowing boat and draw a ducks-eye view over the waves (or wander lakeside and sketch the vegetation, waterfowl and people).
If the weather isn't good then we can pop into the Botanical Conservatory.
Meet by the white lighthouse, draw, then afterwards to the lakeside cafe!

Roath Park Lake
Roath Park location:
Roath Park images: 
Roath Park info:

14 July 2015

Cardiff's new Central Square

Read Richard's letter to the Editor of the Western Mail regarding a 4th Plinth proposal for Cardiff's new Central Square development. This will also be forwarded to Phil Bale, Leader of Cardiff City Council.

A Letter from members of the Vale of Glamorgan Artists and the Cardiff Drawing Group suggesting a further input into the planning and development of Cardiff’s Central Square.

4th Plinth at Cardiff’s Central Square?

   The development plans for Cardiff’s Central Square show bright, colourful buildings full of space and light using various textural surfaces. All well and good but there appears only one fairly formal art work and that is a sculpture and no more. Wall reliefs and murals are nowhere seen.
   Is this wonderful opportunity for public art in our capital city to be met with so little enthusiasm, even ignored? 

   Compare London's Trafalgar Square where the success of the 4th Plinth has invigorated the area - google it and see for yourself. The plinth idea could be easily incorporated into the scheme of things at Central Square. The Welsh capital's 4th Plinth – sounds good and why not? Also, around the plinth could be a designated performance space for actors, musicians and street artists.
   Architecture is supposed to be the ‘Mother of the Arts’ in which case Mum could be showing a bit more support for her little arts off spring. We request the city planners and architects to instil some sense of urgency and importance into installing a Public Art plinth into the Central Square showcase development. 

   It will mean a changing art work, a challenging opportunity for the arts and crafts community and the general public. In other words Art for All. 
   The development of an Arts Centre in Pendyris Street (old Tram station site) off Clare Road and Taff Mead Embankment means a focus site is already being established which can facilitate a plinth development plan.
   So Cardiff do it…. one plinth please.

Signed by the following artists:-
   Richard O’Connell -  Painter
   Karen Hughes - Ceramicist  / Painter
   Allan Brown - Painter / Ceramicist

11 June 2015

Saturday 11 July

10:45am - Drawing at St. Augustine’s Churchyard, Upper Penarth.
Amazing views over Cardiff Bay, a variety of monumental tombstones, etc.
Bring hat/scarf it can be very windy - this is the highest point for many miles.
12 noon we're off to the nearby Pilot pub and restaurant, to recover, review and replenish.....

10 June 2015

1 June 2015

Sunday 7 June

Sunday 7 June 2015 from 11am. till 4pm.

Join us for a few hours (or stay all day) for a session of drawing in the countryside at Goldsland Farm in this secret, hidden valley.

You are welcome to come as a visiting artist, to sketch the animals, farm machinery, old barns, woodlands and wildlife. And you could also bring your family for a fascinating day out in the countryside!
This is a FREE event - no entrance charge.

Click HERE for a map.
Click HERE for information from the farmer.

29 April 2015

Sunday 17 May from 10am

Sunday 17 May 2015 from 10am till 12 noon
Meet in the main hall of the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.
Free entry.
Coffees and a chat in one of the cafes afterwards (upstairs or downstairs).
There'll be a free lunchtime concert that day at 1pm.
There's an interesting display of Cedric Morris portraits.
An exhibition of glass art pieces.
And there are always the dinosaurs :-)

24 April 2015

Saturday 25 April from 10am till 12 noon

'Bryn' was a bit of a poser.

Drawing at Cardiff Riding School
Get to know the many horses and ponies at this hidden gem in Pontcanna Fields, Cardiff, CF5 2AX 
Stables, livery yards, indoor and outdoor riding arenas.
Check out the location map on their Facebook page.
Coffee and cakes afterwards at the nearby PedalPower cafe.


We meet at 10am outside the Cardiff Riding School entrance.
Bring your own drawing materials and favourite sketchbook.
(Undercover areas available if the weather is unsettled!)

There's a big free carpark near the top end of Cathedral Road.
Turn right (after the Halfway Pub) into Fields Park Road, then the third turning right leads into a very big dead-end free car parking area.
Pontcanna Fields are alongside.
The riding school is a short walk away, northwards, up the footpath.
See you there.

16 April 2015

Sunday 7 June 2015

Here's a date for your diary -

All day drawing at Goldsland Farm, near Wenvoe.
Beautiful countryside setting with huge old barns, farm machinery, tractors, cattle, knobbly trees, wild flowers, insects, etc.

More information available soon.

26 March 2015

18 February 2015

Tai Chi drawing session in March

On Friday 27 March 2015 from 10:30am till 12:30 we have been invited to draw at Tai Chi classes to be held in Llanishen, Cardiff

.... more information ....

13 February 2015

Fancy a day at the seaside?

We're drawing at Penarth pier - Saturday 28 Feb from 2pm.

.... click for information....


Penarth Pier Pavillion
Cafe - Cinema - Art Gallery

27 January 2015

Friday 30 Jan 2015 at 5pm.

National Dance Company Wales have an open rehearsal at 5pm in the Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. Anyone can come along, either to watch or to draw the dancers as they rehearse. It is free but you need a ticket (available from WMC box office or reserve online/by phone).

Meet in the Millennium Centre foyer before 4:50pm

See National Dance Company Wales for more details.
See Millennium Centre website to book free tickets.

"In the run up to our tour première we hold Open Rehearsals at the Dance House, Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay. These give an opportunity to come and see the choreographer and dancers in action during the creative process, taking some of the mystery out of how work is created and giving a real behind-the-scenes taste of your National Dance Company."

Entrance is free but ticketed via Wales Millennium Centre on 029 2063 6464 

You’re welcome to sketch or simply watch the rehearsal.

20 January 2015

Saturday 31 Jan 2015 from 10am.

Looking for somewhere warm to spend a Saturday morning?
Then join us at the National Museum, Cardiff.
Pursue your own interesting projects or take up the drawing challenge
of the day - TEXTURES.
Animal fur, crystals & rocks, paint on canvas, polished metal, scaly skin, 
tree bark, draped satin fabrics, cold smooth marble, soft mossy mounds?
Meet at 10am, draw, coffee and a chat at 11:30am.
Free entrance, bring your own sketch book, etc.

12 January 2015

4 January 2015

Saturday 10 Jan 2015 from 10am

Wishing a Happy New Year to all sketchers everywhere.
Join us for our first drawing session of 2015 at the National Museum Cardiff.

You can find inspiration among the thousands of fascinating exhibits at this wonderful museum or, if you like a little discipline, then the subject of the day will be EYES!

Human eyes, insect eyes, strange octopus eyes.
Sculpted eyes, painted eyes, drawn eyes.
Egyptian eyes or eye of the tiger.

What will you draw?

You'll miss all the best things if you keep your eyes shut.
See yourself through the eyes of others.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
The eyes are the mirror of the soul.
Eyes wide open, eyes wide shut.
The night has a thousand eyes.
You are the apple of my eye.
Can't believe my own eyes.
I'll keep an eye on you.
Turn a blind eye.
The I's have it.