Cardiff Drawing Group is an informal network of artists who love to draw. What we do is lead by friendly individuals who participate, make suggestions or offer to share their skills. We have no committee - the only paper work involved is sketch books!

The group began in 2002 on the initiative of Chris Glynn (who set up the Illustration course at Cardiff Met) - and as a loose follow-on from Sue Shields' previous Society of Illustrators meetings at her house, in the early 1990's.

Our first meeting proper, other than get-togethers at Sue's home or a curry at Dale's, was at the Cardiff Hilton Hotel. It was a burst of inaugural optimism. When we realised the price of drinks we quickly agreed that the Hilton probably wasn't going to become the regular CDG meeting place! Despite having no fixed abode, CDG evolved into an established but loose network of individuals whose enthusiasm and commitment has maintained a program of activities, social get-togethers and exhibitions.

Our cohesion rests on an enthusiasm for drawing - and a belief that doing it in a convivial atmosphere is a good idea. Hence, some of our activities end up in a pub where the serious business of talking, sharing ideas, mutual support and the general socialising that holds the group together, takes place. Since 2002 we have gathered participants from a wide range of backgrounds who get involved as and when their interest or other commitments allow.

With it's core paradigm of contributing, sharing and having fun, CDG successfully rolls on. At any one time, the activities reflect who is active and their particular interest or enthusiasm. With such a wide range of individuals contributing, we never know what will be offered on the calendar next.