11 December 2012

3 December 2012

Drawn 2013

Royal West of England Academy is now calling for entries for its Drawn 2013 exhibition which will take place 23 March to 2 June.

Submissions are invited from artists who either draw, or explore the concept of drawing in their work, including: illustrators, videographers, sculptors, printers, embroiderers, typographers, animators and architects etc.

Various prizes will be awarded including a Travel Bursary, Artist Residency Prize and a Student Scholarship. Apply online using the RWA Online Submission System.

29 November 2012

'Graphite' exhibition until 8 December

Only a few days left to see the 'Graphite' exhibition at the GV Gallery, London, a group show exploring the use of graphite as a medium for drawing and more.

Visit their website to download a catalogue and press release from this page.

Also only a few days left until Jan Bennett's Graphite Challenge show-and-tell on Tuesday 4 December from 7pm. (CDG xmas party day).

27 November 2012

Jerwood Drawing Prize

Read an interview with KAROLINA GLUSIEC, the winner of the 2012 Jerwood Drawing Prize and view a video trailer of her winning entry.
See more of her drawing work here and on her blog.

22 November 2012

The Perfect Gymnastic Performance

More drawings made at the recent Turner House CDG event.

20 November 2012

Xmas get-together

CDG xmas get-together is on Tuesday 4th Dec. to include Jan Bennett's Graphite Challenge show & tell.
Sue Roberts has sent information to those on the current mailing list, please spread the word to any other CDG members.

16 November 2012

"Come Draw With Me!"

Nearly 100 people attended the "Come Draw With Me!" event on 8 Nov. at the National Museum Cardiff. An excellent, energetic evening, it was buzzing!!!

3 November 2012

What's the Point of Drawing?

Online video discussion What's the Point of Drawing? looks at the role and relevance of drawing, with practitioners from across the field of art and design. The event took place at Bath Artists' Studios on 4 October 2012.

1 November 2012

CDG event 17 Nov 2012 - date confirmed

CDG event meeting on Saturday 17 November 2012 from 2pm.

Turner House Gallery, Penarth is currently showing photographic work by Jo Longhurst, based on gymnasts in training and competition. The Gallery has offered to host a CDG drawing session, give an introductory talk on the exhibition, provide tables and chairs if required.

There are some large photographs on display but also many very small images, a total of over 200 items.

We could aim to make quick thumbnail sketches of every one of these exhibits (human bodies in search of the perfect gymnastic performance) or just create whatever the photos inspire, we could sketch other people sketching, or even draw this interesting Victorian building.

This will be a warm, dry, indoor venue with friendly staff who are also offering us tea and biscuits!!!

No entrance fee, all free of charge.

Please bring your own drawing materials and sketch books.

28 October 2012

Life Drawing

Cardiff Life Model Collective have regular drawing sessions around town. Go to a-muse-me for information on their weekly meetings at Inkspot, 10 Feet Tall, etc.

22 October 2012

Graphite Challenge

For the CDG exhibition 'With Reference to...', Lesley Dearn experimented with graphite in powder form (provided by Jan Bennett).
Graphite drawing by Lesley Dearn
At a cost of fifty pence each, Jan supplied a further eighteen small pots of graphite powder (approx 3 heaped teaspoons) to CDG members present at a meeting on Tuesday 16th October.
Her 'Graphite Challenge' is for members to experiment and do whatever they can with it, then 'show and tell' at a meeting in December.
Jan will be taking part in the Cardiff Open Studios event on 27 - 28 October at Printhaus Studios, and any other members who want to take part in the challenge can pick up some graphite from her there.

The Power Inside The Pencil - Grey Matters: Graphite is a downloadable e-book from the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, produced to accompany an exhibition there last year highlighting the expressive potential of graphite through four centuries of drawings from the Museum's holdings.

GV Art Gallery London is running a GRAPHITE Group Exhibition until 8 Dec.
'Drawing is as fundamental to my art making as my skeleton is to my body. Drawing is the bones of my thought." Dorothea Rockburne.

The artists involved have each engaged with this often over-looked medium within contemporary art. Dragan Ilic's interactive sculpture features a snake like piece of rubber stabbed with 3,000 pencils. Pippa Gatty's series of drawings of space matter evokes a cabinet of collected information, both real and imagined. Anais Tondeur's object based work details a narative developed from a pathology specimen of a once swallowed pencil from St Bartholomew's Pathology Museum. Graphite intends to reflect on these innovative and varying explorations by a group of artists, to encourage discussion surrounding the significance of the pencil, and question the belief it is a perfunctory or archaic material.

20 October 2012

Come Draw With Me!

The Campaign for Drawing is running a special event at The National Museum, Cardiff on 8 November 2012 from 6.00pm - 8.30 pm

Chose to work with one of five artists (Brendan Stuart Burns, Laura Ford, Marega Palser, Stephen West, Sue Williams) for an evening of drawing in the Impressionist and Modern Art galleries.

Buy tickets from the Big Draw Shop

19 October 2012

Cardiff Open Studios

27-28 October 2012  Cardiff Open Studios Weekend
... visit artists' studios all across the city ... get information on where the open studios are located and how to get there.

15 October 2012

Made in Roath

The Made in Roath Festival has begun this week, bringing film, music, art, theatre, workshops and more to this thriving area of Cardiff. Events include -

The Big Draw
Marlborough Primary School, Blenheim Rd
Sat 20 Oct, 11am - 4pm

Larger Than Life - Charcoal Drawing Workshop
Roath Park Primary School
Sat 20 Oct, 1pm - 3pm

The Legendary Golden Feathered Queen Duck Hunt
Drawing animals on the move.
By the lighthouse, Roath Park Lake.
Sun 21 Oct, 12 noon - 2pm

Exhibition of Brian Gardeners work
Drawings of Newport and the Moors.
Inkspot Arts & Crafts gallery
Sat 13 - Sat 20 Oct, 9am - 5:30pm

Brzeska's Eagle
Drawings of a taxidermied golden eagle by artist Henri Gaudier Brzeska
g39 gallery, Oxford Street
Fri 12 - Wed 31 Oct, 11am - 5 pm

For further events, details, map, downloadable brochure, etc. visit these websites -
Made in Roath dot Com
Roath Cardiff dot Net

5 October 2012

Books, Authors and Artists

Adulterer’s TongueWelsh Poems in Translation Ed. Robert Minhinnick - Pauline Williams
Child’s Garden of VersesRobert Louis StephensonStephanie Lowder
Collins Albatross book of VerseLeonie Sharrock
CymbelineWilliam Shakespeare - Bernard van Lierop
Experience and EducationJohn DeweyBev Morgans
FrankensteinMary Shelly - Jan Bennett
GerminalEmile ZolaMarged Sian Williams
Hatful of SkyTerry PratchettDavid Maw Cornish
Hill of Dreams - Arthur MachenSue Shields
MabinogionTranslated by Sioned Davies - Sue Paton
Malay ArchipelagoAlfred Russel WallaceDale Evans
Map that changed the World - Simon Winchester - Sue Edwards
Mother NatureSarah Blaffer Hrdy - Sue Roberts
Oxford Dictionary of QuotationsEd. Elizabeth KnowlesLiz Price
Parliament of OwlsAnonymous Author - Heather Jones
Picture of Dorian GreyOscar Wilde - Maggie Davies
Pied Piper of Hamelin - Robert Browning - in Oxford Book of Story Poems - Judy Stephens
Pilgrim’s ProgressJohn BunyanKay Keogh
Pincher Martin - William Golding - Gerard Whyman
PagliacciRuggiero Leoncavallo - Geraldus John
Pride and PrejudiceJane Austen - Lesley Dearn
Red Book of Hergest (Mabinogion Legends) -Translated by Lady Charlotte GuestRaphaelle Fieldhouse
Riddley WalkerRussell Hoban - Lorna Stephenson
Sad Giraffe Café - Richard Gwyn - Chris Griffin
Snow Queen in Fairy TalesHans Christian Anderson - Aimee Taylor
Ulysses - James Joyce - Shirley Anne Owen

 Artist Sue Roberts at work in her studio,
inspired by Sarah Blaffer Hrdy's book, Mother Nature.

Artist Lesley Dearn drawing in her studio,
with reference to ... Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice.

Artist Shirley Anne Owen with her brush drawing
inspired by the debris on the beach in chapter 18 of Ulysses.

3 October 2012

With Reference to ... Drawing Inspiration

In an artistic twist on the literary, Cardiff Drawing Group challenge the boundaries of drawing in their latest show ‘With reference to …’ at Art Central, Town Hall, Barry, from 18 September to 13 October, inspired by the Vale of Glamorgan's 'Book Week'. 

Drawing on works as wildly varied as Frankenstein and The Snow Queen, visitors will be surprised by the artistic interpretations of many literary favourites. Pride and Prejudice, the Mabinogion and the works of Shakespeare share the walls with the Dictionary and Darwin. The show invites the viewer to think about their favourite written works in new and unusual ways.

Artist Shirley Anne Owen, said:
“The show is an exciting opportunity to really explore a piece of literature visually.  I hope the viewer will be intrigued by the individual investigations and in whether they agree with the artists' ways of seeing things.”

Since 2002 Cardiff Drawing Group has been meeting, to draw, and to question what drawing is. Always seeking new challenges, the group regularly exhibits, producing work that can be quirky, funny, and is constantly surprising. Choosing themes that push and expand their individual drawing practice, the group aim to engage and challenge the viewer.

15 September 2012

Art Central Gallery, Barry

Private viewing on Saturday 15 Sept.
Exhibition opens to the public on 18th.

10 September 2012

CDG exhibition at Barry

Not long to go until the exhibition opening of work by Cardiff Drawing Group members.

Open to the public from 18 September until 13 October 2012 at the Art Central gallery in Barry.

9 September 2012

Richard O'Connell exhibition

From 8th September to 3rd October 2012 the Washington Gallery in Penarth is showing work by CDG member Richard O'Connell.

The exhibition entitled "From Penarth Seafront" is a collection of recent paintings and drawings.

8 September 2012

CDG member Chris Glynn

“We Meet We Draw We Drink We Go”

Chris Glynn - sketchbook
Chris Glynn - sketchbook

7 September 2012

The Big Draw, October 2012

The Campaign for Drawing has one aim: to get everyone drawing!

Each October the Big Draw festival involves over a thousand organisations across the UK and twenty other countries. Events are run for families, children and adults, creating opportunities for drawing with a great variety of media and exploring many subjects. Partners include national and regional museums and galleries, schools, shopping and community centres, libraries, art clubs and village halls.

6 September 2012

Exhibition at Art Central, Barry

An exhibition of work by members of the Cardiff Drawing Group will be staged at the Art Central gallery in Barry.

Opening to the public on 18 September, the show will continue until 13 October 2012.

5 September 2012

CDG member Dale E Evans

Tango Dancers
Tango Dancers – Rapid ink sketches at CDG event, Gate Centre, Roath

In the past, I used drawing mainly for personal records; places, events; observational records or for preliminary/planning sketches to be worked up as final work. Exploring ‘drawing’ as an end in itself is a relatively new approach for me and, exploring the boundaries of what a drawing might be  is becoming increasingly important in my work.  The Drawing Group provides an important focus in this process.

20 August 2012

Welcome to the CDG blog


This blog is dedicated to drawing. It has been created and is being ‘fed’ by members of the Cardiff Drawing Group.