20 July 2015

Hello Sailor?

Tuesday 4 August 2015 from 10am.

Our next get-together will be at Roath Park Lake where we can hire a rowing boat and draw a ducks-eye view over the waves (or wander lakeside and sketch the vegetation, waterfowl and people).
If the weather isn't good then we can pop into the Botanical Conservatory.
Meet by the white lighthouse, draw, then afterwards to the lakeside cafe!

Roath Park Lake
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14 July 2015

Cardiff's new Central Square

Read Richard's letter to the Editor of the Western Mail regarding a 4th Plinth proposal for Cardiff's new Central Square development. This will also be forwarded to Phil Bale, Leader of Cardiff City Council.

A Letter from members of the Vale of Glamorgan Artists and the Cardiff Drawing Group suggesting a further input into the planning and development of Cardiff’s Central Square.

4th Plinth at Cardiff’s Central Square?

   The development plans for Cardiff’s Central Square show bright, colourful buildings full of space and light using various textural surfaces. All well and good but there appears only one fairly formal art work and that is a sculpture and no more. Wall reliefs and murals are nowhere seen.
   Is this wonderful opportunity for public art in our capital city to be met with so little enthusiasm, even ignored? 

   Compare London's Trafalgar Square where the success of the 4th Plinth has invigorated the area - google it and see for yourself. The plinth idea could be easily incorporated into the scheme of things at Central Square. The Welsh capital's 4th Plinth – sounds good and why not? Also, around the plinth could be a designated performance space for actors, musicians and street artists.
   Architecture is supposed to be the ‘Mother of the Arts’ in which case Mum could be showing a bit more support for her little arts off spring. We request the city planners and architects to instil some sense of urgency and importance into installing a Public Art plinth into the Central Square showcase development. 

   It will mean a changing art work, a challenging opportunity for the arts and crafts community and the general public. In other words Art for All. 
   The development of an Arts Centre in Pendyris Street (old Tram station site) off Clare Road and Taff Mead Embankment means a focus site is already being established which can facilitate a plinth development plan.
   So Cardiff do it…. one plinth please.

Signed by the following artists:-
   Richard O’Connell -  Painter
   Karen Hughes - Ceramicist  / Painter
   Allan Brown - Painter / Ceramicist