Interested in taking part?

Just keep an eye on the CDG ACTIVITIES page and come along to one of our get-togethers. It doesn't matter what your 'skill' level is - the point of the group is to encourage people to draw and to talk and think about it. Generally we meet at ' free' venues and the turnout, be it at a museum, in a pub, drawing on a beach, etc. can vary from 2 to 20-ish.

Having tried a few of our sessions and got to know people, we hope you regularly come to the Cardiff Drawing Group meetings. Getting involved is the best way to get out what you put in.

We are a group of people whose individual commitment, involvement, willingness to help and to suggest activities, keeps the whole group rolling along and constantly evolving - without people being active in the group there'd be no CDG.

By having the basic principles of spreading organisation and responsibility throughout the group, with everyone doing their bit, we keep things simple, collaborative, energetic and focused on drawing. Involvement in CDG is entirely self-selecting - we're all busy - and we do what we can when we can.

The group has members with all kinds of backgrounds, amateur and professional - just a bunch of people who like to draw and enjoy good company.