29 November 2012

'Graphite' exhibition until 8 December

Only a few days left to see the 'Graphite' exhibition at the GV Gallery, London, a group show exploring the use of graphite as a medium for drawing and more.

Visit their website to download a catalogue and press release from this page.

Also only a few days left until Jan Bennett's Graphite Challenge show-and-tell on Tuesday 4 December from 7pm. (CDG xmas party day).

27 November 2012

Jerwood Drawing Prize

Read an interview with KAROLINA GLUSIEC, the winner of the 2012 Jerwood Drawing Prize and view a video trailer of her winning entry.
See more of her drawing work here and on her blog.

22 November 2012

The Perfect Gymnastic Performance

More drawings made at the recent Turner House CDG event.

20 November 2012

Xmas get-together

CDG xmas get-together is on Tuesday 4th Dec. to include Jan Bennett's Graphite Challenge show & tell.
Sue Roberts has sent information to those on the current mailing list, please spread the word to any other CDG members.

16 November 2012

"Come Draw With Me!"

Nearly 100 people attended the "Come Draw With Me!" event on 8 Nov. at the National Museum Cardiff. An excellent, energetic evening, it was buzzing!!!

3 November 2012

What's the Point of Drawing?

Online video discussion What's the Point of Drawing? looks at the role and relevance of drawing, with practitioners from across the field of art and design. The event took place at Bath Artists' Studios on 4 October 2012.

1 November 2012

CDG event 17 Nov 2012 - date confirmed

CDG event meeting on Saturday 17 November 2012 from 2pm.

Turner House Gallery, Penarth is currently showing photographic work by Jo Longhurst, based on gymnasts in training and competition. The Gallery has offered to host a CDG drawing session, give an introductory talk on the exhibition, provide tables and chairs if required.

There are some large photographs on display but also many very small images, a total of over 200 items.

We could aim to make quick thumbnail sketches of every one of these exhibits (human bodies in search of the perfect gymnastic performance) or just create whatever the photos inspire, we could sketch other people sketching, or even draw this interesting Victorian building.

This will be a warm, dry, indoor venue with friendly staff who are also offering us tea and biscuits!!!

No entrance fee, all free of charge.

Please bring your own drawing materials and sketch books.