3 October 2012

With Reference to ... Drawing Inspiration

In an artistic twist on the literary, Cardiff Drawing Group challenge the boundaries of drawing in their latest show ‘With reference to …’ at Art Central, Town Hall, Barry, from 18 September to 13 October, inspired by the Vale of Glamorgan's 'Book Week'. 

Drawing on works as wildly varied as Frankenstein and The Snow Queen, visitors will be surprised by the artistic interpretations of many literary favourites. Pride and Prejudice, the Mabinogion and the works of Shakespeare share the walls with the Dictionary and Darwin. The show invites the viewer to think about their favourite written works in new and unusual ways.

Artist Shirley Anne Owen, said:
“The show is an exciting opportunity to really explore a piece of literature visually.  I hope the viewer will be intrigued by the individual investigations and in whether they agree with the artists' ways of seeing things.”

Since 2002 Cardiff Drawing Group has been meeting, to draw, and to question what drawing is. Always seeking new challenges, the group regularly exhibits, producing work that can be quirky, funny, and is constantly surprising. Choosing themes that push and expand their individual drawing practice, the group aim to engage and challenge the viewer.